Pne / Pno insurance (Non-operating or non-occupying owner)

Non-owner or non-occupier insurance provides insurance for a dwelling in the event of an accident inside the dwelling, whether it is occupied or unoccupied. Even if your tenant has comprehensive homeowner’s insurance, it does not cover all damage, such as damage for which the tenant is responsible, damage that occurred while the tenant was not occupying the property, or if the tenant’s insurance does not have sufficient coverage.

In short, the PNE/PNO insurance is intended to fill the gaps between the various insurance contracts taken out by the co-owner and his tenant.

This specific insurance covers the costs of certain losses not covered by the tenant’s home insurance:

  • Fire caused by defective installations or equipment
  • Damage to the door of the flat following a theft or attempted theft
  • Broken pipes due to frost in an unoccupied flat
  • Damage to the tenant or damage to his furniture in the event of non-compliant installations or equipment
  • Vandalism in the flat when the tenant is absent or weak.
Who can take out PNE/PNO insurance?

It can be taken out by the owner of a property to protect it in the event of a claim, even if it is vacant or occupied free of charge. Unlike tenants’ insurance, it is not compulsory, but strongly recommended.

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