Decennial Insurance for Building Professionals (PIB)

Intellectual construction professionals are also required to have ten-year insurance under the Spinetta law. Indeed, their interventions can have a real influence on the building and compromise its solidity or its destiny.

It is issued from the Professional Civil Liability guarantee for damage caused to third parties as a result of the insured activities.

What risks are covered?

All damage of a decennial nature, i.e. damage that

  • Affect the solidity of the structure
  • Render the structure unfit for its intended use
  • Affect the safety of persons

Who needs to take out ten-year civil liability insurance for GDP?

The decennial building engineering insurance concerns the following professions

  • Interior architect
  • Assistant
  • Project manager
  • Assistant project manager
  • Design office
  • Technical Controller
  • Economist
  • Expert
  • Project manager, (Intellectual Professionals of the Building Industry PIB)

The intellectual building professional must sign it before the start of the works or their intervention and provide the project owner with proof of the ten-year civil liability insurance contract through a certificate of coverage provided by the insurer.

This guarantee is limited to a period of 10 years from the date of acceptance of the work.


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